Monday, May 26, 2008

Bangkok, Thailand Day 2

Nothing says vacation to me like a good breakfast buffet and Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit breakfast has certainly one of the best.

For Day 2 of my Bangkok trip, I was left to wander alone and explore the streets of Bangkok. I decided to go to Siam Square and check out the independent fashion scene in Bangkok. Siam Square is just below the Siam station which is four stations away from the hotel (Asok) via the BTS Skytrain. That area is surrounded by malls but I think malls are pretty much the same in every country. I've read that some up and coming designers set up small boutiques in Siam Square so I went for a leisurely walk there instead. Needless to say, there were a lot of interesting stuff in Siam Square. I even found a few nice quality leather goods that I like except they weren't really selling at a bargain.

Normally, I would have tried eating street food but since I was alone and wasn't too confident about the state of my tummy at that time (believe me when my tummy reacts, it explodes) so I decided to just come back to Rosabieng for late lunch.

This time I ordered food that to me was synonymous to Thailand - Tom yum and pad thai.

Tom yum

Pad thai

The food at Rosabieng is good and reasonably priced. My total bill was 380 Baht and I almost forgot to take pictures. The pictures above are half-eaten hehe. But the service could use some improvement.

I ate there around 4pm and I was really the only person dining except for a few who prefer to dine al fresco. There were at least 2 girls manning the inside and 1 was constantly there but her back was turned to me the whole time and she either she was ignoring me or didn't notice when I said "Excuse me" or waived my hand because I wanted to get some dessert. So when she finally noticed, I asked for the bill instead.

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