Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Shangri-La Mactan, Cebu

Since it's summer and there's no day that I haven't been thinking about the beach, I thought why not reminisce about my best beach vacations.

The white building is Shangri-La, the pink ones, I think, is Hilton

The first one I'm gonna write about is our trip to Mactan, Cebu last November 2006. This was a memorable one because Jorey and I went there for our engagement pictures. During this time, I still wasn't allowed to go with Jorey to anywhere where it was just the two of us because we weren't married yet. (My family's what I would call selective conservative - conservative only when it comes to girls.) So mom came with us for the trip. :)

I took this shot of myself while tinkering with my timer and tripod.

The weather was perfect!

We stayed at Shangri-La, Mactan and it's probably one of the best hotels I've ever stayed at. The white sand beach was very clean and beautiful. The breakfast buffet was superb. The best thing about it was there were a lot of places that made good engagement pictures - coz that's what we came for aside from some fun in the sun.

I didn't take my own pictures at Plantation Bay but this one from our engagement pics is my favorite.

We also took a few pictures at the Plantation Bay, which was not far away from Shangri-La. I suppose some people would find it nice but it wasn't really appealing to me. The resort had a hollywood studio/theme park vibe going, it looks good in pictures but up close and personal... not really my type. It looked too man-made for my taste.

One thing I like about Cebu is that a lot of the 1st class Philippine exports come from here. So before we went back we just had to pass by Avatar's building to score some cute accessories.

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