Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Basil Restaurant, Sukhumvit, Bangkok

The Sala

Hubby and I were planning to have buffet dinner at The Sala because I was craving for seafood and I saw their selection while they were preparing the buffet. The Sala is at the hotel's pool deck so it was an outdoor dining experience. I was already planning how to pace myself for the buffet but it rained pretty hard so we opted to eat at Basil instead with a business colleague of hubby's.

Basil Restaurant

Basilis the Thai restaurant at the lobby level of the Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit Hotel. We ordered an appetizer sampler, the deep fried fish, roasted duck slices in red curry with green apples, mixed mushrooms in red curry, chicken with cashews, and had a bottle of wine. There was no need to order rice because they served 3 kinds of rice - white, brown, and green.

Sadly, I forgot to bring my camera with me so no pictures of food for visual aid. But the food was good and the service was great. My favorite was the roasted duck in red curry. What immediately ran through my mind as I tasted it was " meat...yumm". The fish was delicious too. The least one I liked was the chicken with cashew which was a recommendation from the server. It was ordinary and not worth the space it occupies in my tummy. I would have been just as satisfied without the chicken dish so it didn't really give any added value. The restaurant is on the pricey side but I guess it's expected of hotel restaurants. Our total bill was 5500 Baht for 3 persons.

I'm not a wine drinker. More or less I know connoisseurs swirl the glass, stick their nose in it, gargle it a bit (and spit it out sometimes) but I have no idea what makes good wine. I just go by my own taste - some wines I can't even finish a glass and some I can have as many glasses as I can afford. Fortunately, the wine was fruity and nice.


I got a little tipsy from all that red wine plus the complimentary sparkling wine I had before dinner. Hubby's colleague wanted to check out the bar at the ground floor - Barsu. I had a mojito. If you're someone who loves 80's or 90's music then this bar is for you. I heard music from NKOTB, Bobby Brown among others.

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